Brief analysis of the characteristics of the embossing mirror

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Brief analysis of the characteristics of the embossing mirror

Embossing mirrors have different characteristics depending on the type. The following is a description of the construction embossing mirror classification method as follows:

First, the net embossing mirror characteristics

1. Good fluoroscopy and light transmission performance (the visible light transmittance of the 3mm and 5mm thick embossed mirrors is 87% and 84%, respectively). The transmittance of near-infrared heat rays in sunlight is high, but the far-infrared long-wave heat rays generated by reflection of visible light to the interior wall and furniture and fabric are effectively blocked, so that a "warm-room effect" can be produced. . The net embossing mirror has a low transmittance to ultraviolet light in sunlight.

2. The tensile strength is much smaller than the compressive strength and is a typical brittle material.

3, sound insulation, have a certain thermal insulation performance;

4, has a high chemical stability, usually, has strong resistance to acid and alkali salts and chemical kit gases, but long-term exposure to aggressive media can also lead to deterioration and damage, such as embossed mirror Weathering and mildew will lead to appearance damage and reduced light transmission performance; 5, poor thermal stability, rapid cooling and rapid occurrence of cracking.

Second, the decorative embossing mirror characteristics

1. The color flat embossing mirror can be assembled into various groups, and has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, erosion resistance and easy cleaning.

2, embossed embossing mirror, spray embossing mirror, embossed embossing mirror, engraved embossing mirror, ice embossing mirror according to the different craftsmanship process, there are a variety of colors, look, shine effect, rich in decoration.

3. The glazed embossing mirror has good chemical stability and decoration.

Third, the safety of embossed mirror characteristics

1. The tempered embossing mirror has high mechanical strength, good elasticity, good thermal stability, and is not easy to injure after crushing, and can cause self-explosion.

2. The laminated laminated mirror has good transparency and high impact resistance, and the interlayer PVB film adheres to protect the debris from being scattered and wounded, and is durable, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant and cold-resistant.

3, the wire embossing mirror is affected by impact or sudden change of temperature, the debris will not fly; it can prevent the flame from spreading for a short time; there is a certain anti-theft and anti-robbing effect.

Fourth, energy-saving decorative embossing mirror

1. The colored embossing mirror effectively absorbs the solar radiant heat to achieve the energy-saving effect of heat shielding; absorbs more visible light, makes the transmitted light soft; strongly absorbs ultraviolet rays, prevents ultraviolet rays from affecting the indoor; the color is bright and durable, and the appearance of the building is beautiful.

2. The hollow embossing mirror has good optical performance, good thermal insulation performance, anti-condensation and good sound insulation performance.

3, coated embossing mirror insulation effect is good, easy to produce light pollution to the outside environment.

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