World of colored mirrors

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World of colored mirrors

A few days ago, at the Cape Town Airport, I met Mr. Wang, a senior executive of a large domestic company in South Africa.

I knew that there was no reason to know that there was no chance at the airport. I found out that my compatriots paid special attention to each other. At first, he thought that we were a group of Koreans. We found that we were using QQ to say "hello" to me with confidence. We both agreed. The handle is extended and held tightly together.

Wang is always a Hunan native. He is not tall. Wearing glasses makes him look handsome and literary. He wears a black coat and has a dark-skinned man around him carrying a bag. He later learned that this is an Indian. When he knew that I was from Xi'an, we had more than 20 reporters from all over the country to form an interview group to report on the World Cup.

Of course, the most topical topic is about the law and order of South Africa, including skin color and other topics. In the past, Mr. Wang worked in another country and was sent to South Africa at the beginning of this year. Their institutions are based in Joburg, but they often travel between Joburg and Cape Town. Their company hired several local blacks. He felt very bad about blacks, didn't work hard, and didn't take it easy. Some women are also very casual in terms of sex, which also leads to a high incidence of AIDS in this country.

When talking about the impression of Cape Town, he reminded me that although Cape Town is a concentrated area of white people, many white people here do business without honesty. Our company’s millions of debts are here. The whites are in arrears and it seems that it is very difficult to come back.

Mr. Wang’s views are similar to those of many people who remind me here.

But the exchange with the old Dong, who has been in South Africa for seven years, has made a big difference.

Lao Dong is a Ningbo native. He is a full-time driver. He travels to South Africa for many years, mainly in Joburg. He has a lot of contacts with the lower classes in the black area, but his views are quite different from those I have learned in South Africa.

Lao Dong’s point of view is that the black group is actually a very kind nation. Although some of them have robbed such criminal activities because of difficulties in life, etc., they cannot deny this nation. It is the Chinese who came to South Africa, and some people are doing illegal crimes. There are also many gangs among the Chinese.

Lao Dong cited two examples. He said that he had four mobile phones that had been robbed by black people, but every time he happened, he knew that these black people were just fortune, so every time he reminded him to return the mobile phone card to himself, the card had a more important phone number. And his requirements have been met. On one occasion, he met a Chinese robber. When he gave all the valuable things to him, he reminded him to return his passport and driver’s license to him. He did not expect that robbers would be an electric baton to turn him over. .

Lao Dong is very talkative, including his many years of interesting things in South Africa, but only these two examples have remained in my mind.

There are too many sunny days in South Africa. It seems to be a must-have for wearing sunglasses. Even my highly myopic person has to think of a colored lens on the glasses.

In your colored lenses, a world or a nation may become another color.

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