The embossed mirror glass defect detection is no longer limited.

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Let the "invisible" defects be invisible: as with other glass manufacturing processes, embossed glass substrates are prone to defects during the production process. But the detection and identification of these defects is clearly more challenging, and even the most subtle defects (such as stones and open cells) must be reliably identified and differentiated. This is the limit of the results of all other vision systems. Automated optical real-time inspection technology is compatible with the following systems: PATTERNSCAN sheet monitoring system for embossed glass sheet inspection; and PATTERNSCAN sheet system for solar glass sheet inspection; both systems are capable of handling the most subtle defects Conduct reliable detection, classification and differentiation. With the help of these two systems, you will be able to provide the highest quality embossed glass for your specific market needs.

Through the continuous development and upgrading of the software platform, these two PATTERNSCAN systems ensure that the embossed glass meets the highest quality standards in the photovoltaic industry. As part of the modular suite's standard features, the distinction between defects, including open and closed bubbles and the tiniest flaws and scratches, can achieve the best results no matter where they are located. In short: the flaws that were previously undetectable and difficult to discern are now well detected and classified with the help of PATTERNSCAN.

This patented light source assembly consists of an ultra-fast LED with independent switching, and its original combination is the first in the industry. In theory, an unlimited number of different views can be generated simultaneously using only one camera or one camera library. This technology has achieved an unprecedented level of detection in defect detection and classification.

The PATTERNSCAN production line is breaking many records. In less than a year, we have sold 50 inspection systems to manufacturers in the solar industry, which are mainly concentrated in Asia. Manufacturers such as Xinyi Glass and CSG have already ordered this advanced solution for optimizing quality. The PATTERNSCAN sheet system is a fully automated optical system for the inspection of embossed glass sheets. This system is designed to be tested in the most efficient manner and can be placed directly after the annealing kiln and cold end. It is difficult to detect and identify defects (usually open and closed bubbles, stones and nodules) in such harsh environments. But PATTERNSCAN still works quickly, reliably and efficiently. PATTERNSCAN sheet system: inspection solution for embossed glass sheets. To ensure that the solar protection glass is flawless, this system is usually immediately after the cleaning zone. Both systems use innovative multi-mode, multi-view source technology developed by ISRAVISION. Multiple views have multiple lighting combinations in the camera library. Multi-mode refers to a variety of light source modes. It also incorporates multi-dimensional technology that identifies and distinguishes all defects in glass interiors, glass surfaces and glass edges, as well as glass coatings.

The inspection software utilizes defect data collected from various views to perform reliable and comprehensive defect classification in real time. Cutting optimization based on defect classification significantly increases production and material savings throughout the production line. Accurate test results will benefit users, not only the performance of the product is greatly improved, but also the necessary hardware is significantly reduced. The lower operating costs of the PATTERNSCAN sheet inspection system and the PATTERNSCAN sheet inspection system not only result in improved profitability, but also process optimization. The apparently significant gap between the detection technology requirements and the short return on investment (ROI) time is reduced.

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