Huahui Glass introduces the characteristics, uses and performance of embossing mirrors

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Embossed mirrors are also known as patterned glass or knurled glass. It is produced by continuous calendering. In the production process, the embossed mirror has a patterned side, and the glass surface is sprayed by an aerosol method to form the glass into a variety of colors such as light yellow, yellow, light blue, and olive. The aerosol-treated embossing mirror can not only produce a variety of colors, three-dimensional glass, but also increase the glass strength by 50% to 70%.

The embossing mirror has a general embossing mirror, a vacuum rhodium embossing mirror, a color film embossing mirror, and the like.

The surface (one or both sides) of the embossing mirror is pressed with various patterns of different shades. Since the surface is uneven, the light is diffused when the light passes through. Therefore, when the object on the other side is viewed from one side of the glass, the object image is blurred, which makes the glass transparent and opaque. In addition, the embossing mirror has a good artistic decoration effect because of its various patterns on the surface.

The vacuum coated embossing mirror is processed by vacuum coating. The embossing mirror produced by this method gives a feeling of being elegant, beautiful and fresh. The pattern has a strong three-dimensional effect and has certain reflective properties, and is a good interior decoration material.

The color film embossing mirror is formed by thermal spraying of an organometallic compound and an inorganic metal compound. The color, firmness and stability of the color film are superior to other methods. This kind of glass has better heat reflection ability, and the three-dimensional sense of the pattern is stronger than the general embossing mirror and colored glass, giving a feeling of grandeur and luxury, and also an artistic enjoyment. It is equipped with certain lighting and better decorative effect. It is a good material for various interior facilities such as hotels, restaurants, restaurants, bars, baths, swimming pools, bathrooms, etc. It can also be used to process handicrafts and daily necessities such as screens and table lamps.

First, the characteristics of embossed mirror

The function of the line of sight is characterized by light transmission and opacity.

The embossing mirrors are available in a wide variety of patterns, so they are well decorated.

Second, the use of embossing mirror

Mainly used in indoor partitions, windows, gates, meeting rooms, bathrooms, washrooms and other places that need to be decorated and should be blocked. Pay attention to the following points when installing:

(1) Diamond-shaped, square embossed, equivalent to a block lens, when people are close to the glass, they can be seen inside, so it should be properly selected according to the place of use.

(2) If the embossed surface is installed on the outside, it is easily soiled. If it is stained with water, it will be bright and visible, so the embossed surface should be placed on the indoor side.

(3) When the embossing mirror is used, if the embossed surface is wet, it will be bright, so it must be selected according to the conditions of the place.

Third, embossed mirror performance

Perspective: The perspective of the embossed mirror varies with distance and pattern. According to the perspective, it can be divided into the following types:

(1) Almost transparent: Like a transparent glass plate, it is not very good to see through it completely, so it is suitable for places that do not need to be blocked.

(2) Almost obscured: used to try to block as much as possible.

(3) Slightly transparent: How much you see without hindrance, how many places you want to block (4) Completely obscured: Invisible: Suitable for places where you want to completely block.

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