Huahui Glass Products Co., Ltd. briefly introduces what is embossed mirror

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Huahui Glass Products Co., Ltd. briefly introduces what is the embossing mirror.

  The embossing mirror, also known as the patterned glass or the knurled glass, is a flat glass manufactured by a calendering method, and the manufacturing process is divided into a single roll method and a double roll method. The single roll method is to cast the glass liquid onto the calendering forming table. The table top can be made of cast iron or cast steel, the table top or the roll is engraved with a pattern, and the roll is rolled on the glass surface, and the prepared embossing mirror is sent to the annealing kiln.

The two-roller production embossing mirror is divided into two processes: semi-continuous calendering and continuous calendering. The glass liquid passes through a pair of water-cooled rolls and is drawn forward to the annealing kiln with the rotation of the rolls. Generally, the surface of the lower roll has a concave-convex pattern, and the upper roll is The roller is polished to form a single-sided patterned embossing mirror. The physical and chemical properties of the embossing mirror are basically the same as those of ordinary transparent flat glass. They are optically opaque and opaque, which makes the light soft, and has a shielded effect and a certain decorative effect. The embossing mirror is suitable for indoor compartments of buildings, and the doors and windows of the bathroom need to block the sight of the scene.

Improve the level of China's glass deep processing industry

On December 17, the first glass technology and mechanical equipment research institute in China was listed at Hunan Science and Technology Vocational College. Professor Yang Dongliang, the president of the institute, said that the establishment of the institute will quickly improve the level of China's glass deep processing industry.

The production capacity of China's glass industry is growing rapidly, but the share of new energy glass and electronic glass is only 15%. After the establishment of the Glass Technology and Machinery Equipment Research Institute, it will carry out 8 core tasks, namely, constructing an authoritative and expert-level think tank in the field of glass deep processing; constructing a platform for academic and technical exchange of glass technology; conducting vocational education research and textbook development in the glass industry; Industry high-end professional talent training and training base, develop skills identification; build a glass professional talent network service platform; build an art glass graphic database platform, and create a "national art glass graphic design and retouching service center"; carry out new glass technology, new technology Materials, new tools, new equipment, new software, new application research; undertake related research topics, and promote the transformation of scientific research results.

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