Huahui glass antique mirror, extremely elegant

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Huahui glass antique mirror, extremely elegant


2009 Huahui Glass Autumn New Antique Mirror is a high-profile debut in this month. The new antique mirror series inspired by the classical art of antique mirrors combines the exquisite, luxurious, romantic and elegant temperament of antique mirrors into the design.

The antique mirror from the mid-18th century to the early 20th century is the center of art and culture, and this period is also the era of Rococo style. Therefore, the antique mirror set uses bold colors, delicate carvings, and restrained decorations to reflect the glory of the past empire. The combination of wood, antique mirrors, glass and haute couture fabrics enhances the value of the furniture; the sleek, complex hardware handles are inspired by French decorating art. Every piece of furniture is like a piece of art.

At the same time, the multi-component combination and attention of the antique mirror home series can provide a perfect solution for the small-sized individuality. The flexible size design can solve the limitation of the small-sized area. The overall multifunctional design and luxurious appearance can be large. The unit provides a comprehensive solution. It brings the original antique mirror style and exquisite and restrained life concept.

This set of new products also takes into account the individual needs of modern life for home life functions, antique mirror bedside cabinets, TV cabinets and other products, specially designed with power safety sockets; TV cabinets also have lifting function; multi-purpose display cabinets are more suitable for height and size The needs of Chinese families.

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