Antique mirror is one of the ten characteristics of the flying background wall

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The following are the ten characteristics of the flying mirrors introduced by Dongguan Huahui Glass Products Co., Ltd.:

I. Innovative Star: Feitian Mirror Brick is the founder of the mirror brick concept. It adopts a new design and development concept to create a perfect decorative effect and present a new luxury space.

Second, the variety of models: Flying mirror bricks have a variety of models, such as square, diamond, S-shaped, gourd-shaped, hexagonal, etc., to meet a variety of aesthetic needs.

Third, technology leading: Flying mirror bricks are made of imported high-tech CNC equipment, and the benchmark technology is carefully created, 360-degree quality assurance.

Fourth, free combination: Feitian mirror brick can achieve the free combination of products, while mirror bricks and other materials such as mosaic, stone soft bag can be mixed and formed, forming a variety of decorative effects.

Five, colorful: Flying mirror brick has gold mirror, gold tea, silver mirror, gray mirror, pink mirror, purple mirror, ultra-silver mirror, antique mirror, white jade glass and other color mirror selection, to meet the needs of different color matching.

Sixth, style fashion: Flying mirror bricks hired a team of Italian designers, the design style is bright and stylish, presenting the new simple European style, post-modern simplicity and the new Oriental classics, leading the international trend.

Seven, the price is reasonable: Feitian mirror brick has a clear price positioning, high-end products, mid-end products and economic products can meet the needs of different classes of people.

Eight, the use of a wide range: flying mirror brick through the light, bright, delicate texture, clear texture, and other materials and environmental adaptability, the expression of space decoration has an irreplaceable effect.

Nine, green and environmental protection: Feitian mirror brick is made of imported colored mirror material, no radiation, safe, environmentally friendly and recyclable.

X. Safe and convenient: Feitian mirror bricks are original high-grade and exquisite packaging. The transportation is safe and fast, the installation is simple and convenient, easy to clean and care, just use clear water for daily maintenance.

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