Antique mirror is one of the popular home elements not to be missed

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Antique mirrors are one of the most popular home elements. In the past 2013, major brands competed to launch the feast of the furniture kingdom, which really enjoyed the visual beauty and comfortable and warm body experience. In 2014, the momentum of this competition will intensify. Designers added more popular elements on the basis of last year to meet the needs of different groups of people. In this issue, the reporters explored the major home stores such as Meikemeijia, Hongxing Meikailong, and Haobainian. From the lines of a table and a chair, you can feel the trend of the Year of the Dragon and bring you new home inspiration.

One of the styles: classical elegance

In the year, the classical style continued to run rampantly, and there was a more violent trend. In the matching of homes, more dark red, gold and purple decorations were used to set off the gorgeous texture of European and American classical furniture. The Vienna-style fabric sofa brings the luxury and romance pursued by medieval European art to a climax. The soft and smooth curve shape, the light color and the matching pillows of the mosaic and lacquer decoration add a French romance to the home. If you mix the stylish mirror with the stylish design, the white porcelain with crystal light, or the Persian blanket with soft color, you can add elegance to the space.

Style 2: Natural Leisure

The “natural leisure” style always brings you and your family a relaxing experience. The carved bed with a sense of freshness and aristocratic luxury is a good choice. The bedside is hand-carved into a magnificent Moroccan palace-style wooden door pattern. The finish is full of layers and depth, with a bedside table made of old materials, and the quaint shape evokes the most original charm, giving more natural flavor.

Style 3: Modern Classic

Elegant, bumpy, atmospheric, modern classic rich texture and painting, highlighting the endless beauty, round lampstand blends retro, French and Hollywood style, dedicated to those who nostalgic emotions, love painting and material mix and match People put three such small tables in front of the corner sofa for use as a coffee table, or put it in the middle of two chairs, or use it as a bedside table to create a more personalized mix and match style.

Style 4: New Tradition

In the year, the emerging traditional style has added a warmer and more relaxed feeling. The shape is comfortable, novel and the interior design space is broad. It is like putting the old wine in the new jar. It is very effective and refreshing.

The walnut side table and sleigh bed are a classic match, the beautiful walnut wood table top and the grooved drawer panel, the rustic gold foil painting is quite interesting, and the bed of the sleigh bed linen brings a different style. This combination of modern and traditional temperament, specifically to meet your attention to tradition, but also hate the unconstrained and discerning vision, is definitely not to be missed.

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