How to remove fog from winter windshield tinted mirror glass?

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How to remove fog from winter windshield tinted mirror glass?

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After entering the winter, the temperature dropped suddenly, the inside of the car was warm and the outside of the car was cold, which made the windshield colored mirror glass easy to produce fog, which affected the driver's sight and brought security risks. For this reason, some car owners even rubbed their hands while driving, and the safety issue is worrying. In this issue, the Auto School will introduce some defogging tricks to the owners.

Method 1: Ventilation and defogging

The front windshield can be blown with cold air to form a "cold film" on the surface of the colored mirror glass to prevent hot air from condensing on the glass, thereby preventing fogging. Of course, this will cause the temperature inside the car to drop, and the occupants in the car will need to freeze for a while. You can also open the ventilation fan and adjust it to the outer circulation. Align the air outlet with the front windshield and blow it directly with hot air.

Method 2: Foreign body isolation

In addition to ventilation to balance the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car, you can also use the "isolation method" to apply a thin layer of glycerin or alcohol on the windshield to prevent fog or frost on the glass surface in a short time.

You can also dissolve the dishwashing detergent in water, and then apply it on the inside of the windshield with a clean cloth. There will be a lot of foam. After a while, the foam will disappear, and the detergent film will effectively keep the glass for 2 hours. Frost. After the temperature inside the car rises, wipe the liquid film on the glass with a clean damp cloth. Or mix the detergent with water in a ratio of 1:10, put it into the sprayer, spray a thin layer in the window, and after drying, it can effectively prevent the windshield from fogging for a period of time.

Method 3: Manual operation

The third method is direct manual operation, but this has potential hidden dangers. Especially in the driving process, if there is fog in the windshield, the driver should not wipe it with a towel, otherwise it is easy to cause danger or even a car accident.

For example, if the windshield fog is serious during driving, it is necessary to wipe it by hand. It should also be parked in a place that does not affect traffic, then get off the vehicle and wipe it clean before going on the road, and can not wipe the glass while driving.

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