Tree pattern mirror

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Name: Tree pattern mirror

Specifications: 1830*2440

Plating: Aluminized

patterned mirror


The patterned mirror is also called the pattern mirror, and is mainly used for indoor partitions, door and window mirrors, and bathroom mirror partitions. The patterns and patterns on the mirror are beautiful and beautiful, and they look like they are pressed against the surface of the mirror.

This mirror can block a certain line of sight while having good light transmission. In order to avoid dust pollution, it is necessary to pay attention to the side with the pattern printed on the inside.

The patterned mirror is suitable for indoor compartments, bathroom doors and windows, and various occasions where lighting is required and the line of sight needs to be blocked. Because the patterned mirror is pressed, its strength is much larger than that of a normal flat mirror. At the same time, the patterned mirror can be produced in various colors, and can be used as a good decorative material for various spaces in the room. The high strength and decorative effect of the patterned mirror make it widely available in all spaces in the room. The living room, dining room, study, screen, and entrance are all suitable for installing patterned mirrors. Similar to patterned mirrors are frosted mirrors, frosted mirrors and patterned mirrors. There is no difference in optical properties between the two, except that the texture on the matte mirror is smaller and finer, so the light reflected, refracted and diffused through the frosted mirror More uniform and softer than the patterned mirror.

The patterned mirror is also a kind of flat mirror, but the patterned is performed on the basis of the flat plate, so it is the same as the flat mirror. It is only necessary to consider whether the pattern of the patterned mirror is beautiful or not, which has a lot to do with the personal aesthetics. In addition, some patterned mirrors are still colored, so it is also necessary to consider the coordination with the color and design style of the interior space.

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