Fordland colored mirror

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Name: Ford Lan Colored Mirror

Specifications: 1830*2440

Plating: silver plated / aluminized

color mirror

A colored mirror is an object that has a smooth surface and is capable of reflecting light. The most common mirrors are flat mirrors, which are often used by people for architectural renovation. In science, tint mirrors are also commonly used in telescopes, lasers, industrial equipment, etc. Surface polished metal parts with regular reflection properties and glass or metal products with metal-reflective coatings, often inlaid with metal, plastic or Wooden border. The mirror is divided into two types: a flat mirror and a curved mirror. The curved mirror is divided into a concave mirror and a convex mirror. It is mainly used as a makeup mirror, furniture accessories, architectural decoration parts, optical instrument parts, and mirrors for solar cookers, headlights and searchlights, reflection telescopes, car rearview mirrors, etc. .

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