10 guidelines for colored mirrors

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There are 10 guidelines for the placement of colored mirrors. Below is a small series of Huahui Glass for everyone to introduce in detail!

The first, the colored mirror can not face the bedroom door

The colored mirror has a reflection effect, and the suffocating reflection can be returned in the wind and water, so it can block the fierceness. However, the colored mirror facing the door will sin the fierce sin into the bedroom, attracting a good fortune.

The second, colored mirror should not be on the bed

The colored mirror is used to block the sputum, and the effect is to return the sputum, so it is not possible to bed. Especially when everyone wakes up from their sleep, when they don't understand very well, they are simply frightened by themselves in colored mirrors or floor-to-ceiling windows.

Third, the colored mirror can not be facing the front of the gate of the gate, the same generally do not put a color mirror, is to block the meaning of the god of wealth. The spectacle will be unsatisfactory and the business will suffer losses.

Fourth, the colored mirror does not fault the latrine door

The latrine is more private than the privacy, and the colored mirror faces the latrine door. It is not a little extension. The same is generally placed on the side of the colored mirror to avoid the latrine door.

Fifth, the kitchen is best not to hang colored mirrors.

If the colored mirror is hung on the wall on the opposite side of the stove, the food in the pot is taken. This is called “Tianmenhuo” in the Kansui pattern, which will cause the house to suffer fire or misfortune. The sixth, the colored mirror is not wrong with the gods colored mirrors, such as facing the gods, not only disrespectful to the gods, but also constitutes a bad rush, let the original at home to bless your gods, because of the color mirror to breed the temper Get rid of.

The seventh, the same color mirror is generally not embedded in the ceiling

It is best not to have a colored mirror embedded in the ceiling of the guest hall, as this will make the person sitting in the hall feel restrained. Colored mirrors are on the ceiling, and people below generally consume gas, consume money, and consume your health.

No. 8, colored mirrors should not be facing the study table

When you look up, you will see yourself in the colored mirror, and you will be distracted.

No. 9, the mirror outside the gate

Some people often put a colored mirror or gossip mirror outside the home door to increase their own fortune, but how the one side of the face is extremely bad, and the neighbors are formed into a conscience, and there is a color mirror outside the gate. If there is no one in the face, put a color mirror or gossip mirror.

10th, the colored mirror should not be placed on the financial position

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