The embossing mirror at home should not be too much

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First, the residence should not lay too many embossed mirrors

In the home feng shui, the embossed mirrors are often important items that can speed up and change the direction of the gas energy flow, and are used to guide the gas energy and light, to reach the function of “cracking”, and then to survive and save. Although the embossing mirror does have effect, don't think that the embossing mirror placed in the shelter can enhance the space of the residence as much as possible. The embossed mirror is considered to have the function of retracting in the traditional Feng Shui, so that it can naturally increase its blessing, otherwise it may be damaged.

The use of embossed mirrors is not the same as a sword. The actual embossing mirror represents the opposite of illusion and reality. The old saying "the flower in the mirror, the moon in the water" represents the ideal of not completing, but also a glimpse. The English of the embossing mirror is mirror, and its initial Latin word means "surprise", which shows the power of the embossing mirror.

From a scientific point of view, it is assumed that there are too many embossing mirrors in the home, because the reflected light that exists in it will refract some harmful wave light, and disrupting the normal operation of the human body's magnetic field will cause the human body to be exposed to light radiation. Therefore, it is not appropriate to place the embossing mirror too much in the residence.

Second, the embossed mirror placed taboo

1, the share is small

The hanging mirror in the home should not be small, so it will make people look incomplete. It is usually appropriate for the person who sees the mirror to see all the heads. If the embossing mirror is long, it should be better to see all the body.

2, the scale is too small

The embossing mirror of the bathroom must have a size that is not too small. Usually, the embossing mirrors can be slightly larger, which can reflect the dirt and have the effect of dressing up the mirror, and can also increase the visual area and widen the visual space.

3, placed in the hall

The embossed mirror is placed in the middle hall, and the suffocating air in the home will also make the shelter easy to distract.

4, facing the window

If there is someone outside the window, his own embossed mirror is facing his home, and he will be angry with others; if there is no one, he will be angry with himself, and if there is light coming in from the outside, it will feel uncomfortable.

5, embossed mirror according to the bed

The embossing mirror has reflected light, which is a kind of bad radiation. If the embossing mirror shines on the bed and faces the body, it will cause adverse reactions such as neurasthenia and poor sleeping quality. Assuming that the embossing mirror is placed on the bed, when the person is asleep, the gas is weak. At this moment, it is most easy to be reflected by the embossing mirror, which is easy to dizzy. In addition, the embossed mirror reflected at night, it will also affect people's mind, and then easily illusion, panic.

6, double embossed mirror relative

It is best not to have the double embossed mirror facing the front, which will cause the gas to be out of tune, back and forth and not to move forward.

7, embossed mirror directly to the door

Usually, the embossing mirror directly touches the door of any residence, which can easily cause the lips and tongue, the disease and the wealth in the home to be reflected. For example, the embossing mirror facing the toilet door will allow the spouse to drill the horns while handling the work, and the male sexual function in the home will be weakened, and the woman is prone to women's disease.

8, embossed mirror mounted on the ceiling

The embossing mirror in the living room is best not to be embedded in the ceiling of the living room, because it will make people sitting in the living room feel depressed.

In general, for the health of you and your family, it is best not to place the embossing mirror too much at home, which will have a bad influence on your family's physical and mental health and your fortune.

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