Colored mirrors should be placed like this

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The colored mirror should be placed in this way. The Xiaobian glass below is a detailed introduction for everyone!

For women, the color mirror of the wardrobe dressing table is indeed a must-have for the family. The lack of the same is not a complete livelihood. However, everyone has never thought about it, and the colored mirror is the best for the luck and health of the family. Here I will give everyone a science, and the colored mirrors will be placed at home.

The effect of colored mirrors is that it has a reflective effect on light. In the past decade or two, under the influence of Hong Kong and Taiwan feng shui trade folklore, colored mirrors have been worth a hundred times and become a very popular "feng shui sputum". Really, this is a view that is not precise.

Colored mirrors, in the home, there are two main effects: for the owner, guest photos, that is, check whether their hair is chaotic, whether the clothes are wearing a uniform and so on. The second effect is to be able to blur the extended indoor space, and set a large colored mirror on one side of the wall. The small guest hall visually looks like a big guest hall.

Colored mirrors are not suitable for doors and windows, no bed, no hanging mirrors on the ceiling of the guest room or the room. This is the main three taboos. The colored mirror is a five-line gold, not suitable for hanging in the east. The American yummy girl teaches you to wear a hundred yuan clothes and wears a thousand dollars. It is said that the dressing of the women’s dresses is generally said. The taboos of the colored mirrors are able to shine in the same place where the ordinary sitting is not good~~ The colored mirror is facing your bed, you can see your sleeping posture, black and white is often fierce, if you can not remove, you should also take the cloth to block. Because, the energy of sleeping time is not stable, directly according to the soul, simply form a damage. That is to say, from the common sense of common living, the sleep is fascinating, and suddenly wakes up and sees that there is a shadow in the sway, and it will be scared.

The real colored mirror also has the effect of blocking the shackles, but it is about the outside of the window. For example, there is a distant reflection outside the window that just happens to be shot in. The face of the house is facing your home, and there are about swords and swords or gossip mirrors. Even the building where you live is located in the arc of the road. At the tangent, the city was injured by various injuries. Therefore, in the same way, a small colored mirror will be placed in the direction of the door and window, which means to return the bounce.

The overall effect is the ones mentioned above. If you certify your company's specific environment and mediate itself, you should be tempted to avoid the murder. ~~~~ But Feng Shui said, it is not too much to pay attention to, this is not the fullest of the livelihood~~ It is the most important thing, Feng Shui is only the help!

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