Tabs in the antique mirror of the toilet room

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  The antique mirror in the toilet room is taboo. The following is a small series of Huahui Glass to introduce to you in detail, I hope to help everyone!

1. Do not face the antique mirror and the toilet. The first thing in the antique mirror is to avoid the toilet. The most unbiased construction should be that you can't see the antique mirror when you sit on the toilet, and you can't see the toilet when you look at the antique mirror. Moreover, according to common sense, at the time of their own convenience, they can also see themselves on the opposite antique mirror. Is that not very rare?

2. Antique mirrors don't face the bathroom door. It is worth mentioning that the toilet should also not face the bathroom door.

3. The shape of the antique mirror is the best in the square, followed by the antique mirror with round and oval shape. It is forbidden to use the antique mirror with sharp edges such as diamonds and polygons. The square itself stands for balance and order. If the square antique mirror can be matched with a circular sink and a matching light, it will be more conducive to creating a balance of wind and water.

4. Choose a large antique mirror with a clear image. The silver mirror is the best choice for today's most undistorted antique mirrors. In this modern decoration, in order to be fashionable and trendy, a small antique mirror is used to form a large antique mirror, but this scheme shines out of the image.

5. The optimal orientation of the antique mirror can be higher than that of the person who is looking at the mirror, leaving a vacancy above the head of the person. If a person is looking at an antique mirror, there is a large space above the head, which represents a spectacle of growth and a burning. You can't choose a small antique mirror that can only shine on one face, otherwise it will be transported to the growth of the spectacle.

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