How to cleverly apply antique mirrors

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First, the glass wall spacing should not be appropriate

Some families knocked off the partition wall between the bedroom and the living room during decoration, and replaced it with a glass wall, which is considered to be conducive to expanding the sense of space. Some Yi Xue experts believe that glass has a kind of mysterious light, not suitable for any local, and more attention should be paid in the home. Like the glass partition between the living room and the bedroom, because it is known at a glance, it will upset people's thinking, so it is not suitable.

In addition, from the point of view of the home plan, the living room is the area where guests are active, and it belongs to the yang, and the bedroom is the local where the owner rests, and it belongs to the yin. If it is the use of the glass wall, it becomes a look at the format, and the host and guest in the hall Every move has a panoramic view, no privacy, it forms an imbalance between yin and yang, which makes people feel uneasy and spirited.

Second, the glass toilet is unsightly

Some young couples have just got married and like to change the bathroom in the master bedroom into a glass toilet, which is thought to increase the mood. For this plan format, although some young people can afford it, it is not suitable from the perspective of home planning, because the toilet is a suffocating local, it is yin, it should be hidden, so use a solid wall. Instead of using a transparent glass wall.

Third, the glass wall decoration Mo bed

Glass wall decoration is also a decoration method that the planners like to use in the near future. Once, it can enlarge the sense of space of the house. Secondly, it is rich and change, and often surprises people. Glass wall decorations can withstand, but there is a principle that it is not appropriate to bed.

In addition, the glass wall decoration must be placed against the solid wall, so that the space is not true or false. In short, the glass decoration in the home decoration should not be too much, how to use it, the different room structure has a different saying.

Fourth, the glass floor tiles are unstable

In some luxury bungalows or duplex villa decoration plans, some owners will use glass floor tiles as a decoration, which is to lay glass tiles on the floor in the living room or in the room, and make pictures to decorate them. According to the analysis of experts, because the glass is transparent, it can not give people a sense of "down-to-earth", so it will make people feel less secure. The floor in the living room or in the room must be stable, so the glass floor tiles are not suitable for use in the home.

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