How should the colored mirror be maintained?

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Nowadays, many users have begun to choose colored mirrors to decorate, because the decorative effect of colored mirrors is very good. When we use the colored mirrors, do we need to pay attention to some flaws? Let me tell you how to maintain a colored mirror.


1. often clean

When the colored mirror is used, the dust on the ground will be stained on the glass. If it is not cleaned, it will affect the decorative effect brought by the colored mirror. Therefore, it is best to clean the colored mirror frequently. The colored mirrors play their own decorative effect.

2. Prevent contact with hard objects

We all know that glass is a very simple and broken product. If it is directly in contact with a hard object, the glass may break. The color mirror is also very simple to break, so it is best to prevent direct contact between the two to prevent the glass from breaking. The price of the colored mirror is higher than that of the usual glass, so the cost can be saved if the maintenance is good.

3. Prevent moisture

When the colored mirror is used, it is necessary to pay attention to the orientation of the mirror to become wet, and to prevent the change of the quality of the glass due to oxidation.

The appearance is different. The modification of the alloy composition will bring different texture and color, and it will definitely affect the quality of the colored mirror. Song Jinxin mirror copper is rough, the ornamentation is confused, the lines are rough and sturdy. The imitation mirror pattern of the Ming and Qing Dynasties is far less beautiful than that of the Han and Tang Dynasties, and it is also like Wang Jing's mirror. This is related to the fact that the tin content of the Japanese, Japanese, and Ming and Qing dynasties is greatly reduced, and the zinc content is greatly increased. Of course, the Ming and Qing dynasty mirrors are also excellent.

The shape is different. Although the color mirror is generally small and the back area of the mirror is small, in this small world, the craftsmen of all ages have refurbished in various aspects such as ornamentation, inscriptions, shapes, and different decorative bands, edges, buttons, and button holders. Extremely changed. We take advantage of the characteristics of different parts of the era, and grasp even minor changes, which is also an important aspect of the difference between true mirrors and mirrors.

  add content. When copying the mold with the original mirror, the craftsman added some ornamentation and inscriptions. In general, the added patterns and inscriptions in the content and form, although very random, there is no very clear rules, but from the increased content of many copies of the mirror, increase the majority of the inscriptions, and these The inscriptions added later are the names of those who have cast mirrors, shop and craftsmen, and very few should be the names of users of colored mirrors.

The addition of antique colored mirrors is very obvious, while others are shaded. The original mirror is a flat surface with a small area, but it can be seen at a glance, but sometimes it is not so much because of the mess and confusion, so that some important Mistakes also occurred in the description, and the copy mirror of the added content was designated as the mirror of the original era.

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