Indoor colored mirror feng shui taboos are all

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The feng shui finance position has symbolic financial position and substantial financial position. The symbolic financial position is attributed to the Ming dynasty, that is, the orientation of the left or right diagonal of the entry that the general public said. The best position should not be the aisle path, but can constitute a corner of the image of wealth, in this position the same general should be placed some auspicious things, increase financial resources, colored mirrors have a reflective effect on the financial resources.


What are the indoor temperament taboos? Below is a small series of Huahui Glass to introduce to you, I hope to help everyone!

1. Do not put on the colored mirror in the bedroom, because when people are sleeping, it is the most relaxed and unsuspecting moment, so if you get up in the middle of the night and are scared by the mirror itself, it will hurt the god. Others, colored mirrors are also simple to make the horses often quarrel, and grow the other half of the often affair.

2, in front of the gate, can not be colored mirrors, this will let the door god and the god of wealth together with the mirror god scared away, is to block the meaning of the god of wealth. If other people are businessmen, they will lead to spectacle and excessive loans.

3, the colored mirror can not face the room door, because the mirror has a mirror god, each door also has its own door god, so if the colored mirror is facing the door, this will scare away the general protection of our door god, and make the room simple The condition of the card is cloudy.

4, the color mirror can not be compared with the kitchen God, so simply let the members of the family body sick, women are prone to women's disease, men often inexplicable fists to see their wives.

5, the financial position in the guest hall can not be placed with a color mirror, will not let the God of Wealth be reflected because of the mirror god, the same general, the financial position of the guest hall is the opposite corner of the entrance. Others, the color mirror is also best not embedded in the ceiling of the guest hall, because it will make people sitting in the hall consume gas and consume money.

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