How should the furniture be placed on the embossing mirror

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Everyone knows how to place them in the embossing mirror at home. How to place them is the best? How many people know about the placement rules of embossing mirrors? What are the corresponding contents? Look at the relevant content.

Explain the impact of the guest room embossing mirror on the home fortune

Reflective glass in the external environment of the house is about a reflective transparent body; in order to avoid reflecting the light into its own home, it is especially a sleeping room, which will have a great negative impact on human health; on the other hand, the embossed mirror can not be too late At the entrance of the gate at home, the fluency of the gas field should be connected; otherwise, the embossing mirror will reflect the yang coming in from the gate, which constitutes a phenomenon that the gas field can only go out;

In front of the gate, you must not put on the flower mirror, which will make the door god and the god of wealth scared away by the mirror god, which is to block the meaning of the god of wealth. If other people are businessmen, they will lead to wonders and money. Mirroring the stove This kind of environment will breed the episode of the god of the episode and the stove god, so that the members of the family are simply sick, the woman is prone to women's illness, and the male often uses inexplicable fists to look at his wife.

The embossing mirror with magnifying glass can make the face appear more realistic. This kind of sturdy and settled format can rotate the angle and the solid position freely. No matter the height of the body, you can find the most suitable and most peaceful embossing posture. The folding mirror has two left and right inclinations to choose from, and the space and the use of others are different. Some embossed mirrors appear to be pleasing to the eye, and the withdrawal is related to the embossed mirror's own character, and occasionally affected by physiological factors. The oval embossing mirror has a rounded shape and visually stretches longitudinally. It makes people look like people in the painting. The composition share is just right, and naturally it will be considered beautiful.

Many people have smaller residences, so they settled in the guest room with a large glass mirror. How visually, the room area has increased a lot. However, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the orientation of the settlement does not fit, and it will have adverse effects on the health of the family. On the wall facing the gate, you can see the mirror on your door. You can look at your own shadows. If you dress up, it’s more useful, but the embossed mirror is not stable. Because the gate is a gas port, the gas will be reflected by the embossing mirror. Together, when you put out the large embossing mirror, you should pay extra attention to the sunlight outside the window and the lights inside the house to prevent the sunlight and lights from being reflected on the bed in the bedroom.

From the point of view of Feng Shui, it is not appropriate to settle the mirror in the guest hall. Because, if there is a big mirror, no matter where the person is, the shadow city is presented in the mirror. Over time, it will have a bad influence on the human pride. Especially in the work committee, it is easier to breed the illusion and cause fear. , more bad for children. Therefore, it is better to hang a large-scale painting in the guest hall, especially in oil painting.

Ten major rules for embossing mirror placement

The first, embossed mirror can not face the bedroom door

The embossing mirror has a reflection effect, which can be reflected in the wind and water, so it can block the fierceness. However, the embossed mirror facing the door will sin the fierce sin into the bedroom, attracting a good fortune.

The second, embossed mirror should not be on the bed

The embossing mirror is used to block the sputum. The effect is to return the sputum, so it is not possible to bed. Especially when everyone wakes up from their sleep, when they don't understand very well, they are simply frightened by themselves in the embossed mirror or the floor-to-ceiling window.

Third, the embossed mirror can not be facing the front of the gate of the gate, the same general do not put the embossed mirror, is to block the meaning of the god of wealth. The spectacle will be unsatisfactory and the business will suffer losses.

Fourth, the embossed mirror does not fault the latrine door

The lavatory is more than the privacy of the local, the embossed mirror faces the latrine door, a little bit of extension, the same generally put the embossing mirror on one side, avoiding the squat toilet door.

Fifth, the kitchen is best not to hang the embossing mirror.

If the embossed mirror is hung on the wall on the opposite side of the stove, it will shine on the food in the pot. This is called "Tianmenhuo" in the Kansas format, which will cause the house to suffer a fire or accident. The sixth, the embossed mirror is not wrong with the gods

If the embossed mirror is facing the gods, not only will it be disrespectful to the gods, but it will also constitute a bad rush, so that the original is at home to bless your gods, and the embossed mirrors are detached from the enthusiasm of the episode.

The seventh, the embossing mirror is generally not embedded in the ceiling

The embossed mirror is best not to be embedded in the ceiling of the guest hall, because it will make people sitting in the hall feel restrained. The embossed mirror is on the ceiling, and people below generally consume gas, consume money, and consume your health.

No. 8, embossed mirror should not be facing the study table

When you are learning, you can see yourself in the embossed mirror, and you can easily distract yourself.

No. 9, the mirror outside the gate

Some people often put an embossed mirror or gossip mirror outside the home door to increase their own fortune, but how the one side of the face is extremely bad, and the neighbors are formed into a heart, and they are smashed, and the embossed mirror is not displayed outside the gate. If there is no one in the face, the embossed mirror or the gossip can be used.

10th, the embossed mirror should not be placed on the financial position

The feng shui finance position has symbolic financial position and substantial financial position. The symbolic financial position is attributed to the Ming Dynasty financial position, that is, the orientation of the left or right diagonal of the entry of the same general mass. The best position should not be the aisle pathway, but it can constitute a symbol of wealth accumulation. In this orientation, some auspicious objects should be placed in the same direction to increase the financial resources. The embossing mirror has a reflective effect on the financial resources.

What are the indoor embossed mirrors?

1. The embossed mirror of the bedroom should not be placed on the bed, because when people are sleeping, it is the most relaxed and unsuspecting moment, so if they are scared by the mirror in the middle of the night, it will hurt the gods. Others, embossed mirrors are also simple to make the horses often quarrel, which encourages the other half of the affair.

2, in front of the gate, can not be embossed mirror, this will let the door god and the God of Wealth are scared away by the mirror god, is to block the meaning of the god of wealth. If other people are businessmen, they will lead to wonders and money.

3, embossed mirror can not face the room door, because the mirror has a mirror god, each door also has its own door god, so if the embossed mirror is facing the door, this will scare away the general protection of our door god, and make the room simple The condition of the card is cloudy.

4, embossed mirror can not be compared with the kitchen god, so simply let the members of the family body sick, women are prone to women's disease, men often inexplicable fists to see their wives.

5, the financial position in the guest hall can not be embossed with the flower mirror, will not let the god of wealth be reflected by the mirror god, the same general, the financial position of the guest hall is the right and left diagonal entrance. Others, the embossed mirror is also best not embedded in the ceiling of the guest hall, because it will make people sitting in the hall consume gas and consume money.

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