What are the things to pay attention to when embossing mirrors are placed?

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What should be paid attention to when placing the embossing mirror? Below Dongguan Huahui Glass Products Co., Ltd. to introduce to you. Hanging the clock can have five major effects, one is to recruit money into the treasure, the second is to avoid evil spirits, the third is to help the host fortune, the fourth is to handle the subordinates, and the fifth is the clock's most basic function time, then what are the taboos in the position of the wall clock? What?

Do not neglect the guest room decoration Feng Shui direct hit wall clock embossed mirror Feng Shui taboo:

The clock is a relatively extraordinary thing in the Yangzhai house. It is relatively strong, but it is constantly moving around, reflecting the innovation of the moment. In Feng Shui, it is believed that the clock is old. "Book of Changes" has a cloud: "Hugh repentance is alive and moving", so the object of the moving city affects Feng Shui. No matter the clock, the wall clock, its hour, minute, and second hand, the city keeps running. If it is placed in the guest hall, there are several points to be extraordinarily detailed:

(1) The main clock only needs one, and the small alarm clocks in other rooms cannot be overtaken one. If there are too many bells in the house, the quietness of the house will be uncertain, and the people in the house will often have repeated and annoying end points.

(2) The bell in the house should be square, even if it is round, triangular, hexagonal or octagonal. Because the round clock will make people in the house not keep the woman's way, other shapes of the clock will make the house pick up. The only square clock is the most quiet.

(3) The clock in the bedroom cannot be large, but the big one will make the people feel restless, and the restlessness will be more and more.

(4) If the residence is small, it is not appropriate to enlarge the clock. On the one hand, it is a slap in the face, and on the other hand, the bell is also a squeak, which will make people feel terrified and have an "empty" effect.

(5) Zhong Yi hangs in the Kyrgyz side and faces the fierce party. How can it block and turn away the fierce objects in front?

The clock doesn't mean to find a position and put it on. If you hang the wrong place, it will be counterproductive. In the same general, the front of the clock can't be inward, and the bias toward the door or balcony is optimal.

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