The quality and safety of colored mirrors cannot be ignored

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The quality and safety of colored mirrors cannot be ignored

In recent years, with the improvement of education level, the popularity of electronic products, and the multiplication of information, the myopia rate of teenagers has been rising year after year. At the same time, the optical industry has developed rapidly, and the quality and safety of colored mirrors has become increasingly prominent. This paper mainly analyzes the quality and safety of colored mirrors. The outstanding problems and prevention and control measures to raise public awareness of eye health prevention and control, to do a good supervision system for the optical industry, to avoid the safety hazards of color mirror quality from the source.

Outstanding issue

The price of the optical industry is so high that there is huge profits. The glasses industry is highly professional, and consumers can't distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of lenses and frames through the appearance. Optical shops often shoddy and fake brand names.

The glasses are not standardized, and the management in the store is disorderly. The preparation of glasses is closely related to the professional quality of technicians and the standardized management of operators. A pair of qualified glasses should undergo optometry, vision correction, adaptation, lens frame selection, and final adjustment and other procedures. The level of the optometrist directly affects the vision correction effect and comfort of the glasses. We learned from many optical shops that many optical shop operators have the qualifications of optometrists, but they often do not prepare glasses at the business premises, but the people who prepare glasses in the store do not have a certificate of employment. Some stores do not have a management system and Technical staff of the corresponding cultural level.

The glasses operators cooperate with hospitals and universities to carry out irregular operations. Many hospitals and eyeglasses operators use the public welfare rehabilitation center as a tool to make money, and some non-ophthalmologists are sitting in the optical shop. Now the college logistics group has opened a business place in the school. Some optical shops have no business licenses and production licenses in the school, and the instruments and equipment have not been verified by measurement and illegal operations.

The consciousness of ensuring product quality is not enough. The Quality Supervision Bureau is responsible for the supervision of the optical industry. Facing the operators of the optical industry, it can be said that the quality supervision work is heavy and the responsibility is great. Because most optical shop operators are scattered self-employed operators, most of them still stay in the passive waiting management level, and can not consciously detect their own glasses products and preparation equipment in advance, which is the reason why the quality of the optical industry products needs to be improved.


According to the clear requirements of the National Quality Development Program, we must ensure quality and safety issues related to people's health. We must strengthen industry supervision in the optical industry, complete random inspection and inspection and measurement equipment verification, improve the competitiveness of the industry, and build a national level. And the provincial glasses brand has become the focus of our quality supervision work.

Improve the regulatory system for the optical industry and improve the regulatory mechanism. Timely revision and improvement of the work procedures of the quality, quality, supervision and law enforcement departments of the Quality Supervision Bureau for the optical industry, improve the sampling inspection procedures, improve the regular inspection degree of the optometry and coke meter mandatory verification measurement instruments, and incorporate the implementation of the system into the year-end assessment. Establish a seamless and seamless monitoring system to avoid the risk of quality and safety of glasses preparation from the source.

Popularize the professional knowledge of glasses and increase the standardization of the glasses industry. As the competent department of the optical industry, we must continue to strengthen the awareness of quality awareness, quality and safety awareness, and quality and safety risks. Annual use of World Metrology Day and Laboratory Open Day series activities, publicize the types of measurement instruments for mandatory verification, the material and structure knowledge of spectacle lenses, the glasses industry process and industry specifications, explain the qualifications of glasses practitioners and the optical shop should have Conditions, focus on training and education for practitioners in the optical industry, publicize and protect eye health knowledge, raise public awareness of eye health prevention, and actively promote the policy and supervision of the optical industry through various channels such as TV, radio, Internet and 12365 hotline. information.

Carry out special supervision and inspection to improve the quality of colored mirror products. Carry out special sampling inspection of glasses production quality, investigate and deal with unlicensed and unqualified production of glasses, shoddy and counterfeit quality marks and other quality problems. Carry out a special inspection of the optical shop's measurement supervision, check whether the measuring instruments that must be equipped in the optical shop have passed the measurement verification, and have the measurement verification certificate within the validity period.

Strengthen self-construction and change work style. Strengthen supervision and law enforcement personnel to study the rule of law, improve quality, and measure the business level of staff. Our quality supervisors must change their work styles to meet the requirements of the new era, new situations, and new opportunities, overcome the imperfect system, irregular procedures, and inadequate supervision. The attitude is not enthusiastic, the service is not in place and so on.

The entire optical industry is slowly entering a formal and orderly fast lane. To solve the above problems in development, it is necessary to supervise the department heads to unremittingly and strictly enforce the law; it is also necessary for practitioners to continuously improve their own quality and professional ethics; Care for support.

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