Embossed mirror glass engineering technology for solar cells

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Embossed mirror glass engineering technology for solar cells

From August 6th to 7th, the “Calculation Technology Appraisal Meeting for Embossed Glass for Solar Cells” organized and hosted by China Building Materials Federation was held in Shenzhen. The appraisal committee composed of nine senior experts from the national building materials industry discussed and approved the embossed glass engineering technology for solar cells with independent intellectual property rights developed by China National Building Material International Engineering Co., Ltd. The appraisal committee highly praised the technology. . The opinions are as follows:

1. The information provided is complete, the content and data are authentic and meet the requirements for identification.

2. Optimized the integrated engineering of embossed glass for solar cells, which was successfully implemented in the 250t/d production line of CSG (Dongguan). After nearly two years of production verification, the complete set of technology can meet the requirements of continuous large-scale production, and the production operation is stable and the product quality is stable. Compared with similar foreign technologies, it has the characteristics of large daily melting, high production efficiency, high yield, low energy consumption, low cost and low engineering cost, and has completely independent intellectual property rights. The overall comprehensive technology is leading domestically and reaches International advanced level.

3. For the technical requirements of embossed mirror glass for solar cells, this project will graft the super white glass melting technology and the flat glass calendering process, and improve and improve the process, equipment and control of raw materials, melting furnace and annealing kiln. It is mainly used in the optimization of ultra-white glass components, composite clarifiers and mineral raw materials; avoids and reduces the secondary pollution of iron in raw materials and cullet systems; stepped kiln bottom, increases pool depth and develops a kiln two-line card neck passage structure And the improvement of annealing process, etc., is an optimized integration innovation.

4. The complete set of technology was successfully applied in the production lines of CSG (Dongguan) 250t/d, SYP Group (Changshu) 150t/d, Xinyi Glass Group (Humen) 250t/d, and the products were tested by the National Glass Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The direct transmittance of sunlight is more than 91.6% (3mm). It is detected by the Physicochemical Testing Center of China Glass Development Center. The iron content is less than 120ppm, and it is recognized by the internationally recognized Swiss SPF Solar Testing Center with the highest level of U1 certification. The physical quality level of similar foreign products.

5. The successful development of this complete set of technology broke the market monopoly of foreign products and ended the situation that China's embossed glass for solar cells relied entirely on imports. 3. 2mm tempered glass has been tested by the National Safety Glass Supervision and Inspection Center and has reached the standards of the United States (ANSI Z97.1) and Japan (JISR3206), and has been recognized by users at home and abroad.

Solar cells are new energy products promoted and promoted by the state, and market demand is growing rapidly. The complete set of technology has been rapidly promoted in China, and its products have been exported in large quantities, which has brought great economic benefits to enterprises, and has great significance for promoting and promoting the improvement of solar energy utilization level in China, with significant social and economic benefits.

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